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Located in Wellington Florida, the epicenter of international horse sports, ShowChic Dressage specializes in high fashion dressage apparel. Michele Hundt, the driving force behind ShowChic Dressage says, “My goal is to give customers the best selection and superior fitting advice. From top professionals to dressage new-comers, everyone who shops with us gets the same level of service and attention to detail.”

Inspiration                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Michele started ShowChic in 2003 out of a trailer parked at IDA Farm, where she divided her time between a storage unit and the post office. When Krystalann Shingler joined the business in 2007, online shopping was in its infancy. “We pioneered online marketing in the days before the ‘shopping cart’ was even invented! We started with just 20 items and people had to call us to place an order!”

By 2008, Michele’s desire to have a shop became a reality. In 2010 she took the ShowChic Mobile Boutique to Dressage at Devon for the first time. Today it’s a fixture at summer shows up and down the East Coast and it’s parked at the Wellington Global Dressage Festival showgrounds for the entire winter season. “Nothing gives us more satisfaction than making our clients look beautiful. Whether you’re going down the center line or getting ready to present your horse at the FEI jog, you can count on Show Chic to dress you for success.”

Our virtual store

Showchicdressage.com is more than fashion destination…It’s about ideas and best practices in the riding, care and management of our horses. ShowChic regularly features articles and video presentations by some of the top professionals in the sport. If you’re in Wellington during the season you can attend our monthly Shoptalks. But if you can’t get down, you can watch the ShopTalk series right here. So get a cup of coffee and settle in. Welcome to ShowChic.

Who's Who

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Michele Hundt, Founder ShowChic Dressage

“I love Horses, fashion, design … and I never saw a beautifullly fitting shadbelly that didn’t get my heart going!”                                                                                                                                                                  From the beginning, I’ve straddled the worlds of fine art, design, fashion and retail. I had a successful career in design and retail, but when my husband Doug and I moved from Cleveland Ohio to Wellington Florida, I wanted to combine all the things I loved into a single business. That’s how ShowChic Dressage was born. I tend to see everything from a creative point of view, which means I love the beauty of dressage horses and I love the classic elegance of dressage apparel. But I’m really excited to see modern advances, such as high-tech fabrics and jewel tone colors come into the dressage world. And of course I love the sparkle of crystals. A sprinkle of crystals on the helmet or a subtle pop on the spur strap really stands out.

At heart I’m a retailer. I enjoy meeting people and outfitting them to make them look their best. I firmly believe that when you look good you feel good and you ride with more confidence. I want you to look great and feel great every minute your’e riding.

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Meet Doug Hundt, Realtor Browning Realty International

You might call Doug a real estate matchmaker. He’s patient, knowledgeable and ready to help you find your dream home in Wellington. Doug is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Palm Beach Polo POA and President of Cowdry Park COA, Palm Beach Polo. He knows the Wellington area inside out and can offer valuable expertise on construction. So whether you’re looking for a charming weekend getaway or a fully equipped equestrian property,                                                                                                                                                    Doug Hundt can help make your Wellington dreams come true.                                                                                                                            Call 561-319-0134 and ask Doug to take you on a tour of                                             Wellington's best properties.                                                                                                                                 


Krystal Shingler, Sales Associate

“Riding made me the perfect ShowChic customer and then the perfect sales person.” 

I guess you could say that I was born into retail. I was working in my mother’s flower shop in Toronto and in her men’s store while I was still in grammar school, so retail AND horses are part of my DNA.

I started riding when I was six and I’ve shown my way up the levels as a Young Rider and into the Adult Amateur rankings. In 2010, I was Intermediate Adult Amateur National Champion and 3rd place at Prix St. Georges.  I was literally a customer for many years before I began selling riding and showing apparel at ShowChic.

I discovered my current horse, Fidelio in 2012 on a shopping trip with at the time boyfriend now husband to Germany. He’s an Oldenburg gelding and to say he was a challenge at the beginning is an understatement. The first year it was just hang on. I knew he was talented. The question was how to get him to focus his energy into the dressage movements. Working with Kevin Kohmann at Diamante Farm, we were able to focus Fido’s energy in a really positive way. Believe it or not as the the work became more difficult he blossomed.  He’s just 10 years old. Fingers crossed, I hope to bring him out at Grand Prix in 2018.


The ShowChic Show Room

Visit our store in Wellington, Florida for unique dressage gifts items, show clothing and apparel!

We offer the finest in dressage apparel and stock the following name brands: Pikeur, Cavallo, Kentucky, Equiline, Kastel, Romfh, One K and Samshield. We also offer beautiful handmade stock ties, stock pins and more! You will find that we have a huge inventory of clothing with fabric and color selections that change weekly. Or visit our Mobile Boutique serving top Dressage Events throughout the year.