Wellington Trainer's Guide

  • Lynda Alicki- 561-373-9393, AlickiL@bellsouth.net Training and Clinics, Cinsultation & Sales
  • Heather Bender - 561-596-1515, tcdhkb@gmail.com, www.HeatherBender.com Our goal at Treasure Coast Dressage is to help you realize your dreams! Heather will customize a training program to fit your needs and budget.
  • Jennifer Benoit - 561-309-7300, www.seahorsewellington.com Board, Sales, Instruction, Training, Showing, Appraisals and Judging services.
  • Heather Blitz - 561-410-4224, Heatherblitz@mac.com, www.heatherblitz.info
  • Amy Bock - 561-247-4337, amy@amybockdressage, www.amybockdressage.com Full & Partial dressage training, Seasonal dry stall, Shows, Clinics, Lessons - trailer in or travel. 
  • Jan Brons - 561-889-8516, JBdressage@hotmail.com, www.JBdressage.com, Teaching, Training, Clinics, Showing all levels.
  • Monica Burssens - 561-601-5292, Mburssens@gmail.com, Training from first level to grand prix, Sales
  • Patrick Burssens - 561-309-5310, Burssens@gmail.com, Training from first level to grand prix, Sales, Clinics
  • Chanett Chemnitz - 720-442-2838, Chemnitzchanett@gmail.com.  Dressage training from youngsters to FEI.
  • Jane Cleveland - 615-533-6742, Mjane.cleveland@gmail.com,  www.janecleveland.com (Days End Dressage) Re-Starting my limited training business, would welcome a few horses and their riders to my friendly group located at Bocoy Stables in Loxahatchee (Covered Arena)
  • Raul Corchuelo - 561-541-1372, www.rancor-dressage.com -Raúl Corchuelo is based at IDA Farm in Little Ranches.
  • Lynne Kimball Davis - 561-312-2045, LKDbronko@aol.com British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor freelance trainer will come to you. 
  • Heidi Degele - 561-294-4118, HeidiDressage@aol.com, www.heididressage.com, Imports quality FEI sales horses for dressage amateurs. Located in Deer Run. 
  • Micah Deligdish - 321-271-1586, MDeligdish@gmail.com, www.GeminiDressage.com, Training thru Grand Prix at private dressage facility. Offers off site lessons and training, Sales of Top quality PRE's and warmbloods. 
  • Luis Denizard - 401-595-5595, dressage.a.delante@gmail.com, www.Delantedressage.com, Training of all levels, Boarding, Coaching, Shows.
  • Shannon Dueck - 561-723-1374, sldueck@yahoo.com, www.DueckDressage.com, Full board and training of horses and riders from green to Grand Prix. Sales of special dressage horses. 
  • Alexandra Duncan - 561-797-9370, alex.dressage@gmail.com, www.alexandraduncan.net, Training, Sales, Clinics, Beginers to GP. Located at Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex.
  • Lisa El-Ramey - 561-662-0519, oakhammockfarm@mac.com, www.oakhammockfarm.com  Training level to Grand Prix, S Judge & Equine Appraiser 
  • Carmen Elisa Franco - 954-536-4264, queca@q-equestrian.com, 
  • Nicholas Fyffe - 561-249-9011, nicholas@marcusfyffedressage.com, www.marcusfyffedressage.com, MFD offers full training, sales, show coaching and clinics to their clients. Horses in full training benefit from impeccable care at Stillpoint Farms in Wellington.
  • Mary ann Grant- 561-301-5817, Mary_anngrant@hotmail.com, www.grant-farms.com  Training young horses to Grand Prix
  • Susan Jaccoma - 561-818-3354, sujacomma@aol.com, www.mayfaireoaks.com Dressage Training, Training level thru Grand Prix
  • Bent Jensen- 561-723-5597, BJDressage@aol.com, Training thru Grand Prix Nationally and Internationally. 
  • Jessica Kissel - 561-385-2577, SerenityFarmEquine@hotmail.com, www.Serenitydressage.com Dressage training and Lessons. Will travel 
  • Laura Ashley Killian – 717-682-1898, LauraAshleyDressage@gmail.com, www.LauraAshleyDressage.com 
  • Jessica Kozel - 561-800-7567, jessjlk@gmail.com, Classical dressage training for both horse and rider from beginner to Grand Prix
  • Kelly Layne - 720-335-8476, Klayne505@gmail.com Full-Service, Full-Training competition stable. Young horses to Grand Prix
  • Lisa C. Lewis - 609-670-5958, Barnrat5958@yahoo.com, Lessons, Training, Boarding, Sales. Will travel or you can trailer in. Specializing in Adult Amateurs. 
  • Jeffrey Lord - 561-252-9316, lorddressage@hotmail.com, www.lorddressage.com Dressage training for horse and rider. Training level to Grand Prix
  • David Marcus - 561-797-5829, david@marcusfyffedressage.com, www.marcusfyffedressage.com MFD offers full training, sales, show coaching and clinics to their clients. Horses in full training benefit from impeccable care at Stillpoint Farms in Wellington. 
  • Paula Matute - 561-307-3691, Paulamatute@icould.com, www.paulamatute.com
  • Mikala Munter (Gundersen) - 561-452-7633, wellintondressagehorses@gmail.com,  www.belltowerfarm.com Dry stall, Full Board, Dressage training and rehab is offered at Bell Tower Farm, 
  • Kerensa Muller - 561-758-8101, kmuller3@yahoo.com, Dressage Training- Specializing in creating harmony between horse and rider.
  • Claudio Oliveria - 561-818-6045, Claudio.horse@hotmail.com, www.Serenitydressage.com Training, Lessons, Long Lining, In hand work for piaffe and passage. Will travel to barns.
  • Susan Remondini - 561-901-5800, scremondini@gmail.com, www.qecdressage.com Offering quality and classical dressage instruction, training, clinics & evaluation of horses for sale. Sales and Marketing of quality dressage horses. 
  • Jessica Rhinelander - 561-315-2477, info@jrhinelander.com, www.JRhinelander.com Jessica Rhinelander operates Rhinelander Equestrian Services out of Champion’s Gate, a full service boarding and training facility in the heart of Wellington, FL. Jessica specializes in coaching Para Dressage riders from introduction to Para sport to the national team level. Jessica has been the personal coach of a number of riders who have represented their country at the Paralympics and World Equestrian Games.  
  • Shaana Risley - 561-818-4857, ShaanaRisley@gmail.com, Facebook.com/FriezeFrame, Training, Boarding, Photography at show or farm. Specializing in PRE's & German riding ponies.  
  • Caroline Roffman - 617-633-1003, Curoffman@gmail.com, Sales
  • King Santacruz & Natalie Regel - 304-905-3559, info@santacruzdressage.com, www.Santacruzdressage.com Boarding: year round and seasonal, training, sales, show coaching, braiding, breed show & inspection handling. 
  • Allyn Schiavone - 561-371-6885, allynschivone@bellsouth.com, Training and teaching all levels. 
  • Ilse Schwarz - 561-714-6264, ilse@dressage-news.com, www.ilseschwwarzdressage.com Training riders and horses to Grand Prix. Young horse competition specialist, Select quality sales horses, European shopping trips
  • Robin Shehan - 410-310-1291, Robinshehan1@gmail.com USDF Gold and Silver Medalist, Owns and operates small boarding/instruction dressage facility in Loxahatchee, Fl. 
  • Oded Shimoni - 561-308-7778, osdressage@gmail.com, www.odedshimonidressage.com Oded accepts horses in training, conduct clinics, and promotes sales horses. 
  • Tara Stegen - 561-714-2335, Stegendressage@hotmail.com, Training, Clinics and Sales. Training level to Grand Prix (and Jumpers)
  • Bianca Tota - 203-252-8531, tophorseinc@gmail.com, www.excelsiordressage.com We specialize in sales of top quality dressage horses! From super up and coming young horses to  FEI Grand Prix horses. But also offer seasonal boarding. 
  • Werner Van Den Brande - 561-379-7936, wernervdb76@hotmail.com, www.dressagestablevdb.com Sales and Training, will travel or trailer in 
  • Betsy Van Dyke - 231-357-2778, Betsyvandyke@hotmail.com, Trained horses up through the dressage levels from Taining Level to Gran Prix. From starting young horses, to dealing with specific taining issues, to finishing the Grand Prix.
  • Leah Winston - 772-888-5188, Dressage Training, young horses

 Lynda  Alicki  - 561-373-9393 AlickiL@bellsouth.net

Lynda Alicki - 561-373-9393 AlickiL@bellsouth.net

 Jane  Cleveland  - Days End Dressage          615-533-742 M jane.cleveland@gmail.com      www.janecleveland.com

Jane Cleveland - Days End Dressage          615-533-742 Mjane.cleveland@gmail.com     www.janecleveland.com

 Heather  Bender  - Treasure Coast Dressage                  561-596-1519 www.Heather Bender.com 

Heather Bender - Treasure Coast Dressage                  561-596-1519 www.Heather Bender.com 

 Heather  Blitz -  Heather Blitz Dressage        561-410-4224  Heather Blitz@mac.com                         www.heatherblitz.info

Heather Blitz - Heather Blitz Dressage        561-410-4224  Heather Blitz@mac.com                         www.heatherblitz.info

 Raul  Corchuelo  - 561-541-1372                                 www.Rancor-dressage.com

Raul Corchuelo - 561-541-1372                                 www.Rancor-dressage.com

 Carmen Elisa  Franco  - 954-536-4264                      queca@q-equestrian.com,                                               www.Q-Equestrian.com

Carmen Elisa Franco - 954-536-4264                      queca@q-equestrian.com,                                              www.Q-Equestrian.com

 Mary ann  Grant - 561-301-5817 mary_anngrant@hotmail.com  

Mary ann Grant- 561-301-5817 mary_anngrant@hotmail.com  

 Bent  Jensen  561-723-5597              BJDressage@aol.com

Bent Jensen 561-723-5597              BJDressage@aol.com

 Kelly  Layne  - 720-335-8476  Klayne505@gmail.com

Kelly Layne - 720-335-8476  Klayne505@gmail.com

 Paula  Matute  - 561 307 3691                                           Paulamatute@icloud.com     www.paulamatute.com

Paula Matute - 561 307 3691                                          Paulamatute@icloud.com   www.paulamatute.com

 Jessica  Rhinelander  - Rhinelander Equestrian Services 561-315-2477 www.JRhinelander.com 

Jessica Rhinelander - Rhinelander Equestrian Services 561-315-2477 www.JRhinelander.com 

 Robin  Shehan   410-310-1291   robinshehan1@gmail.com

Robin Shehan  410-310-1291  robinshehan1@gmail.com

 Betsy  Van Dyke  231-357-2778 Betsyvandyke@hotmail.com

Betsy Van Dyke 231-357-2778 Betsyvandyke@hotmail.com

 Tara  Stegen  - Tara Stegen Dressage  561-714-2335

Tara Stegen - Tara Stegen Dressage  561-714-2335

 Bianca  Tota   Excelsior Dressage INC                              203-252-8531                                            

Bianca Tota  Excelsior Dressage INC                              203-252-8531